Links to the Wider Church

As the Episcopal Church we are part of the worldwide Anglican Communion. This site provides information on churches connected by history and tradition in the Anglican Communion.

This is the official website of the Episcopal Church.

This is the website of our Diocese, known also as The Episcopal Church in Vermont and the Vermont branch of the Jesus Movement.

This is the website of the official news outlet of the Episcopal Church.

This is the website of the Episcopal Church’s advocacy network on issues of public policy. The ministry of this Network is to bring the light of the Gospel to bear on current issues of public policy.

TENS is an association of church leaders who understand, practice, and proclaim God’s call to generosity.

Links to Prayer Resources

This site provides the readings, or “lections,” and collects (prayers) for each Sunday of the year, and days of special Christian observance.

This site provides an online Bible in the contemporary language of the New Revised Standard Version. Any Biblical word or passage can be searched and found using the tools of this site.

This site provides resources for readings/saying daily prayer services in Episcopal Church tradition.

This site provides an unofficial but highly accurate electronic version of the Episcopal Church's 1979 Book of Common Prayer.

This site offers daily Christian meditations under the auspices of the Forward Day by Day organization.

This site offers an online place of conversation on many topics in current church life.

This is another site offering resources for daily prayer and meditation in Episcopal tradition.

This site offers suggestions for spiritual practices in support of living more deeply into Christian faith and life.

This site offers many interesting adult formation opportunities on a wide range of topics from Bible study to Church History to current topics in Episcopal Church life.

Links to Interfaith Resources

This site offers yearly calendars of religious observances in many faith traditions.

This site, of the Pluralism Project at Harvard University, offers resources for deepening understanding of the diversity of the world’s religious traditions.

This is the website of the Vermont Ecumenical Council, a network of Christian cooperation in Vermont, of which the Episcopal Church in Vermont is a member.

This interfaith coalition of congregations and leaders seeks to relationships among different faith communities, coming together for action on issues of mutual public concern.

This is the official site of the National Council of Churches, of which the Episcopal Church is a member.

This is the official site of the World Council of Churches, based in Geneva, Switzerland, a global fellowship of Christian churches of which the Episcopal Church is a member.