We're so glad you are thinking of worshiping with us. Whether this is your first time in an Episcopal church, or you've been speaking the language of the Book of Common Prayer since childhood, we welcome you. When you arrive, we hope you'll talk with an usher or a member of the clergy, and sign our guest book so that we can be in touch. We also invite you to join us for coffee and light refreshments after each service.

Here's some information that may make it easier for you to get to know us. Other important information is on the pages listed under Trinity Quick Links.

How we worship:

  • The Episcopal Church is a liturgical church, which means our worship is the "work of the people" and we follow ancient rites that the community has adopted and adapted for modern use in the Book of Common Prayer. Most of our prayers come from this book, but we sometimes use other approved resources, such as Enriching our Worship. We generally use the form of the Holy Eucharist called Rite II, which uses more contemporary language. We use the prayer book and hymnals rather than printing the entire service in the bulletin to save paper and energy resources. If the use of books in worship is unfamiliar, just ask a neighbor and we'll be happy to help you follow the service.
  • The Holy Eucharist is what is sometimes called Holy Communion or The Lord's Supper in other Christian churches. We celebrate it every week, and consider it the primary worship service on Sunday. The term "communion" also refers to the act of taking the bread and wine at the Eucharist. All baptized Christians are welcome to take communion, and others are welcome to receive a blessing. If you prefer not to take communion, simply remain in your seat, or come forward, cross your arms over your chest and the priest will bless you instead.
  • We are an inclusive church, with no barriers to membership or leadership based on gender, race or sexual orientation. Please see a worship leader, vestry person, or staff member if you are interested in participating in a ministry  or service at our church as a reader, acolyte, usher or committee member.
  • Morning and Evening Prayer are sometimes said or sung at Trinity. They are a part of the Daily Office, a form of prayer that comes from the monastic tradition of praying the psalms and hearing scripture at different hours of the day. Morning and Evening Prayer is said all over the world. Lay Worship Leaders often lead these services.

Children in the service

Children are welcome at all services. Most families with children attend the 10:30 service. We encourage children to participate in the liturgy by becoming acolytes or readers (as they are able).  Most pre-school and school age children go to Sunday school during the 10:30 service each week. They return to their families in time for communion.

Comfortable nursery space is provided for very young children who may need a break from the service. It is not staffed.

Restrooms, accessibility and the community room

We have handicap accessible bathrooms in the hall that enters the church from the rear parking lot. There are also accessible bathrooms on the second floor, which may be reached via elevator.

While our church sanctuary is accessible, the altar area is reached by stairs. We will bring communion to the base of the steps or to congregants in their seats if needed. Just let an usher know before the service.

Gluten free wafers are available at communion. Let an usher or the priest know if you need one.

Coffee hour, adult education and intergenerational activities take place in the McLure Community Room. This is the large room to the left as you enter the church building from the parking lot. Sunday school for children is upstairs from the Community Room.